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The single best tactic to super-charge your day


I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely difficult to get everyone out of the house in the morning AND ensure I myself am getting a good,  healthy breakfast.

The single best tactic to super-charge your day

Between ensuring the dog is fed, figuring out clothes to wear, homework is in the backpacks, my own work stuff is in my bag, grab the keys, don’t forget your wallet, don’t forget it’s trash day so put out the trash, it’s raining so go grab an umbrella…..well, you know how it is. I’m often the bad parent who just makes a slice of toast, or cuts up an orange, and there — that’s your breakfast today kids… And for myself? Forget about it! And you know what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day….

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The solution.   So how can we get you on a path to healthy breakfast.  In searching for solutions that are quick, easy, and actually doable for a real-persons mornings where sometimes there are literally 10 minutes from wake-up to in the car, and that everyone will actually like and eat (because nothing is worse on a harried morning than making something that everyone just leaves on the table), I found something that makes me feel great about breakfast, and in fact that totally transforms my day from feeling blah to feeling amazing.


The secret: Green Smoothies.


So worth it.  The raw fruits and vegetables are like vitamins for your soul. I’ve heard that our standard american diet leaves us overfed and undernourished. Nothing like that happening with green smoothies — pure goodness, easily digested, and sooo full of healthy minerals and nutrients. And the raw fruits and veggies don’t just nourish, they also help cleanse and detoxify your cells, the building blocks of your body, to get rid of the toxins from all of those bad things you’ve eaten not just last night, but over the years. The food that isn’t easily digested and just gets cooked into your cells and eventually just makes you feel sluggish and tired no matter what you do — yeah, green smoothies help get rid of that stuff! No more tired!


So doable.  OK, you’ve totally got this. There are so many easy tricks to get those smoothies ready, and giving you your amazing healthy breakfast.

You can:

  1. Make your smoothie the night before and just keep it in the fridge until morning, if you don’t think you’ll have time in the AM.
  2. Get the ingredients ready the night before, or even over the weekend, zip all into a freezer bag and freeze, then dump all the frozen contents plus some water into your blender in the AM and blend.
  3. Make your smoothie over the weekend and freeze the already-blended smoothie in a freezer container. Take it out the night before or in the AM as you leave, and drink it as it thaws.

However you do it, you will have an incredible healthy breakfast that you can sip on the way to work, and all the way to lunch (or even all day if you make a double batch).  I sometimes make an extra-large double batch, take 3/4 of the double batch with me to work, which keeps me going well into the afternoon, and keep the last 1/4 of it in the fridge until after work, so that I have something delicious and healthy on hand as soon as I get home ‘hangry’.


So good.   SO good — my whole family (traditional-breakfast husband, picky-eater son, and i-know-best-daughter) will actually ask for these now: “‘are you making a smoothie today?”.   I have two variations for you. One if you have a juicer and blender, and another if you have just a blender.

Both are spectacular.


healthy breakfast Green Smoothie

Super-Charge Your Day Green Smoothie (for the juicer+blender)


  • 1/4 of a pineapple
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 lime
  • 2 large fuji apples
  • 1 avocado (peeled and pitted)
  • handful of spinach (or whatever greens you have on hand — romaine lettuce works great, as does kale, and even basil)
  • handlful of ice cubes


  1. Juice the pineapple, cucumber, lime, and apples.
  2. Place the juice from the above in your blender, along with the avocado, spinach, and ice cubes.
  3. Blend for 45 seconds.
  4. Pour into a large portable drink bottle, and away you go!

Notes: To make enough for a double batch, use the whole cucumber, another handful of greens, and 1-2 more apples.


healthy breakfast Mango Smoothie

Energy-in-a-Glass Mango Smoothie (for the blender)


  • 8 oz frozen mango chunks
  • 1 banana
  • handful of spinach
  • 1 cup of water


  1. Place the mango chunks, banana, spinach, and water into your blender.
  2. Blend for 45 seconds.

Notes: If it is too thick, add more water until you reach your preferred smoothie consistency.

Fresh mango works too, in which case just add a handlful of ice cubes as well.

You can substitute in coconut water for the plain water if desired.

Simply double everything in order to make a double batch.


Keep your healthy breakfast habit going.   

If you start drinking these more often for a healthy breakfast in the morning, you’ll feel better, get sick less, and likely even lose some weight. My personal key to continuing regularly with smoothies is variety. Even though the above two smoothies are spectacular, having the same ones every day after awhile has me dreaming about a chocolate croissant… But if I change it up (sometimes i’m more in the mood for berry banana, other times orange beet sounds great), it keeps it interesting enough that I want to have my morning smoothie, and it makes it easy to keep going week after week.  Also sprinkling in a variety now and again provides different necessary nutrients, kicking up the nutrition benefit as well.

Gorgeous Green Smoothies book

For a great place to start with more than 30 amazingly delicious smoothie recipes, check out this beautiful Gorgeous Green Smoothies guide (aff. link) – enough to get you through more than 3 weeks of different healthy breakfasts! It has a truly marvelous variety of smoothie recipes (eg kiwi mango, pink melon, peach detox are among my favorites), so that you can easily establish a smoothie habit to keep your mornings sane and delicious.


Enjoy and feel good!



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